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BOCC Approves Offshore Wind Research Study

BOCC Approves Offshore Wind Research Study

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Green Energy Ohio completes analysis of Crib wind data; results encouraging!

On behalf of the Energy Task Force and others, Green Energy Ohio has issued a report (Download the report) on its analysis of two-years of wind data acquired on Lake Erie at the Crib.

Additionally, with funding provided by six local entities, the BOCC approved a contract for $1,041,454 with JW Great Lakes Wind LLC for project management services in connection with a feasibility study focused on an offshore wind power demonstration project and related research center. Contributors include the Cleveland Foundation, The Fund for Our Economic Future via NorTech, City of Cleveland, Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, CWRU and Cuyahoga County.

The study, recommended by the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force, will be completed in about 15 months. Its major objectives are, as follows:

The Wind Turbine Feasibility Study will apply engineering analysis to available data and develop original scopes, costs, market research and economics of constructing wind turbines offshore in the fresh water of Lake Erie. In the process, the study will draw attention to Cleveland as an attractive manufacturing site for wind turbine components for the growing U.S. market, creating new jobs in Northeast Ohio.

In detail, task by task, here's what will be gained by contracting for the Wind Turbine Feasibility Study:

  1. Project Management: Just a study management task, but by working with wind turbine authority Ralf Kruger of Germanischer Lloyd, the County should gain better insight into the wind turbine industry in the U.S and the world. Most importantly, the possibilities of manufacturing expansions in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County.
  2. Data Collection: The question of exactly where to site wind turbines in Lake Erie will be addressed as an engineering review of available data.
  3. Demo Installation, Onshore Support & Research Center: Scopes, costs, research markets and economics will be generated for the first time. These are the decision-making parameters, regarding further development.
  4. Desktop Studies & Electrical Interconnection: Original computer modeling of available geological & geotechnical data regarding ecological impacts, icing and cabling/interconnection.
  5. Wind Assessment: Evaluate available wind data for economics of electricity production.
  6. Visual Analysis: Existing studies, to be incorporated into report.
  7. Public Relations: Necessary management of media relations.
  8. Final Report: Overall determination of the feasibility of the Demo Installation in Lake Erie, the Research Center and/or other opportunities for wind projects in Northeast Ohio.