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Other Funding Sources

Clean Ohio Fund

The Clean Ohio Program policies have been changed.  At this time, the funding available is under the Clean Ohio Assistance Fund program. For information on the current Clean Ohio policies or contact your local Jobs Ohio Network Partner.


Brownfield Expensing Tax Incentive

The Brownfield Expensing Tax Incentive is intended to spur the cleanup and revitalization of brownfield properties by allowing taxpayers to immediately reduce their taxable income by the cost of their eligible cleanup expenses. Under the Tax Incentive, certain environmental cleanup costs at targeted sites may be fully deducted by eligible taxpayers in the year in which they are incurred, rather than having to be capitalized and spread over a period of years.

Brownfield Insurance

A Brownfield Insurance site has been developed with funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist those seeking information and assistance with insurance products that mitigate environmental liabilities associated with brownfield properties. Here you can find information about brokers, insurers, and lawyers; library resources about brownfields insurance; and a glossary of terms.