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Joint Statement on Voluntary Noise Abatement Program

Joint Statement on Voluntary Noise Abatement Program

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Press Release
Cuyahoga County
June 17, 2010

County Airport, local communities, and tenants sign
Joint statement on voluntary noise abatement program

At their regularly scheduled meeting today, Cuyahoga County Commissioners approved a joint statement issuing a voluntary noise abatement procedure at Cuyahoga County Airport.  The statement has been approved and  signed by officials in the cities ofRichmond Heights, Highland Heights and Willoughby Hills, where the airport resides, Airport Administration, Federal Aviation Administration,Airport Tenants and users. The statement is a voluntary commitment made by each of the users to make an effort to follow the adopted procedures.  These procedures include discouraging the use of the airport during the hours of 11pm to 7am except in emergencies or special circumstances; encourage discontinuing maintenance run-ups during the hours of 9pm - 9am, as well as implementing procedures to better respond to the residents in the surrounding communities.  The statement outlines thirteen bullet points as part of the conditions, procedures and policies approved by the Noise Abatement Council.  It also includes detailed departure, approach and landing procedures, as well as noise abatement procedures of the NBAA Noise Abatement program for jet aircraft.

Not since 1955, has a noise abatement policy been issued and approved by all parties.

For more information on the County Airport or to download a copy of the voluntary noise abatement procedures and policies go to