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Great Lakes Wind Energy Center Feasibility Study

Great Lakes Wind Energy Center Vision

In early 2008, Cuyahoga County approved a $1,041,454 contract with JW Great Lakes Wind, LLC (JWGL) to examine the legal, technical, environmental, economic, and financial aspects of developing a Great Lakes Wind Energy Center.

The Center is envisioned to include both an off-shore wind energy generating demonstration project of several turbines in Lake Erie to produce 5-20 megawatts, as well as a research center for the development and monitoring of new wind technologies and designs optimized for the challenges of offshore applications.

The feasibility study will recommend whether or not to proceed with the development of the Great Lakes Wind Energy Center – and if so, how to fund and implement its development. The study will provide a conceptual design for the offshore turbines, including the technical function and scope of the site.  The feasibility study is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2009.

Feasibility Study

The Great Lakes Wind Energy Center Feasibility Study indicates that it is feasible to develop an offshore demonstration wind turbine project in Lake Erie. Cuyahoga County and the Great Lakes Energy Task Force will utilize the Feasibility Study to establish a wind-energy cluster for Northern Ohio.

JWGL assembled a team of world-class consultants to examine the geological, ecological, historical, legal, community and financial feasibility of installing wind turbines in Lake Erie and developing an affiliated applied research and development center. The final report presents a summary of results from the Feasibility Study across a variety of technical and economic disciplines following a one year study period.

The final report indicates that a Pilot Project is technically and environmentally feasible, pending further studies of selected issues, approvals by regulatory agencies, and solutions to make the project more economically viable.

The Task Force collaborated with six local entities to fund for the Feasibility Study. Funding contributors include The Cleveland Foundation, The Fund for Our Economic Future via NorTech, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga County.

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